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How to find the best puppy

If you want to buy a dog, don’t forget some aspects in order to have a playful, active and healthy pet.
When you are finally determined to buy a dog, you visit the chosen dogs’ breeder and then you are offered a lot of cute puppies. The main question arises how to choose the best one.
It is recommended to choose the most likeable and the strongest, 2 months old puppy. Try to lift it. Healthy dogs like being lifted; it becomes even heavier than it seemed to be. If the dog is relaxed on your arms it is assumed that it will be peaceful. Observe its behavior with other dogs that can reveal its temperament.

There are some more ways how to make sure that the chosen puppy is healthy:
1.     Dog’s ears shouldn’t smell badly. Check if they are even;
2.     Look at dog’s eyes, they should be clear, not red;
3.     Check dog’s teeth and gums. Gums and tongue should be pink without any smell. Usually dogs have a scissors like clench (find out about it from the dog’s seller);
4.     Check if the dog’s skin is not greasy, with ulcers and bumps. Dog’s hair should be firm and it shouldn’t molt.

5.     Dog’s anus should be clean, dry and without diarrhea signs.

It is obvious that it isn’t difficult to examine the dog for dogs’ breeders and experts. Nevertheless, we hope that our advice will help you to choose the best and healthy puppy. All in all, after reading our recommendations you can become a really skillful puppy finder.

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